Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Grasshopper learns to sew

She decided she wanted to make a blanket for her Webkinz dog. I had the workstation ready and waiting for a project. I loved when the women in my family, mostly my mother's side, bestowed me with a piece of knowledge or skill that had been handed down through the generations of women before me. So, the moment for me to pass it on was upon us and I was game. I showed Grasshopper how to sew. This 8 year old is a fast learner, and a risk taker, and I was pleasantly surprised when she listened to my instructions.

Her hands guide the material. There is batting in there, with the purple and green squares.

Her foot presses on the pedal underneath the table.

Turn it right side out.

Et voila! The dog has a blankie and a pillow. Grasshopper is on her way to being a seamstress.

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