Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finishing up a few things

As I moved my sewing machine and all the other tools, containers, and books, I made a mental note to finish up a few projects.

These were squares from a blankie.  They are now pot holders in my kitchen.

Another quilt in the making.  The front is finished.

A sachel bag.  I finished three.  These were originally made to give to a church collecting them for kids going into foster care.  The idea was that having a bag like this was better than throwing some belongings into a plastic shopping bag.

Another quilt front finished.

And another.

I did a lot of sewing yesterday. And some cooking and baking.  My family and job responsibilities don't always leave enough time for sewing, so some Saturdays are made for refilling the feeling I get when I sew or crochet something.

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