Friday, January 1, 2010

How I spent December 31st

After seeing this in my head for over a year, and after pouring over books to determine how to apply designs to a background, I finally just decided to wing it...  The general design is layed out.  I will probably do a little embroidering too. I am really stuck on how to applique...  Suggestions anyone?

Grasshopper got her bag, not shown here, so, as I expected, Snowden wanted one too.  Hers could not include pink so she picked out this fabric.  I even made a companion pencil pouch since I forgot to add pockets to the inside of the bag.

And I finished the brother in law's quilt too. Blue as requested as the back, and then I used pieces of the fabrics I had on hand for the front.

The day was a better one because I was immersed in creating. 
Happy Creative Year to all.

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